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don't merely live....flourish.

create. plan. style. design.



My story starts at the very best place to start: the very beginning. Just as any wonderful launch, project, or event begins with an invite or announcement, that is where I began! I started with my own card line in 1994 and did custom lettering and artwork for numerous invites and stationers. While still doing that, I added another element to my repertoire - professional hair and makeup styling. I freelanced and worked with a premiere Southern Califormia studio that specialized in bridal hair and makeup. This lent itself to runway and photoshoots, and I loved it. While still doing those two things, i had styled a few events and weddings and friends began to ask me if I could coordinate

their special day. Between my kids' over-the-top birthday parties, and styling other people's special events, I had the privilege of working with businesses in styling their public image. Between learning about their brand and philosophy behind why they do what they do-I realized that I loved learning about what it is that people want most, and helping them achieve it. It didn't matter if it was a bride or a business owner, I love hearing what people are passionate about and creating exactly what they want. What makes you flourish? What feeling do you want to evoke in your clients or guests? Because I know how to create that.....

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